MARESCHKA STUDIO facilitates film sound, starting as early as the screenplay version right up until the final release. Our team of production sound mixers, dialog and effect editors, sound designers and re-recording mixers take care of you in every phase of the film sound process. The studio on the Mareschstrasse in Berlin has been devoted to post-production sound work since 2014.


  • roomsize: 36qm
  • screensize: 6qm
  • protools ultimate
  • Dynaudio 5.1 Speaker Setup
  • Cinematic pre-mix and EBU conform TV-Mixes up to 5.1
  • 1 min distance to S-Bahn Sonnenallee

German Film Academy LOLA Award goes to Dominik Leube and Oscar Stiebitz for Best Sound, SYSTEM CRASHER